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Writing – Travel


The Observer – The Good Life




… I’ve got a lot on. I’m cradling my lukewarm vomit, scrunched up in a Books etc bag, anxiously looking around for a loo. The flight from Belize City was challenging; the Rough Guide’s description of our ‘new, spacious hotel with tiled floors,’ is comforting…”


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The Observer – Just a dash of erotica, please


White Hotel


… When it rained, we huddled around a wood burner, ate Creme Eggs and tried our hand at albas, sestinas and villanelles inspired by the trobadors and trobairitz, but also seeking help from the likes of Ezra Pound and Pushkin…”


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The Independent – Why home for Xmas means a sex-free Yule


Sandra-Deeble Article


… You live with your man and your parents have visited you, so they know the set-up. Yet, for that tricky, 48-hour Christmas period, boyfriend is banished to the spare room in your parents’ house and those creaky floorboards on the landing put the kibosh on any commuting. Why do some parents convince themselves that their thirtysomething son or daughter practices celibacy?…”


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