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Sandra has helped us communicate brand messages for several key clients. She is experienced, creative, flexible and always works to deadline!”

Tessa Gomm, izio design


Good Business

We have worked with Sandra on numerous occasions since Good Business set up in 1997. Her creativity, initiative and enthusiasm have made her an excellent addition to the team on numerous occasions since then.

She has an uncanny ability of coming up with great solutions that are right for ‘the moment’ or the perfect contact or media lead to get projects going in the right direction from the get-go.

Her positivity, knowledge of what makes cultural Britain tick and sensitivity towards the challenges faced in our society makes her uniquely placed to complement any team wishing to get things done.

From charitable endeavours to product launches, from business start ups to brand initiatives, Sandra is a great asset to any team.

I cannot recommend her skills more highly.”

Giles Gibbons, Founder & CEO, Good Business


Compared to most people, Sandra Deeble sees the world through a different pair of spectacles. That shines through in everything she writes.

She turns the mundane into the magical and the magical into the magnificent. What’s more she does it in a way that makes work seem like fun. Working with Sandra is life affirming….

…and if your own creative juices stop flowing, take the advice that Sandra gave to me: “Make a chocolate cake, have a hot bath, and watch a black and white movie in the afternoon”. Now that’s what I call a prescription.”

Malcolm McClean, Bearhunt

Foxtrot Hotel

Sandra brings a real sense of fresh air to any group situation. Her energy, breadth of experience, open mind and ability to balance positive challenging with strong listening skills ensures a rich and focused level of output.”

Simon Hawtrey-Woore, Foxtrot Hotel Communication & Design

Design Triangle

Sandra is a skilful, experienced and sensitive editor. As a professional you know very well what you want to say in articles, marketing texts or conference papers. The question is however, does it appeal to the audience and will people understand what you are trying to convey? On top of that, English is not my mother tongue. That is why, at Design Triangle, we always send everything to Sandra. She amazingly transforms our words into attractive, concise and easy-to-read text without losing the original meaning.”

Siep Wijsenbeek, Design Triangle