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How I can help you promote your business

I love to spread the word about new things and to inspire enthusiasm in others.  I have been lucky enough to meet people who have set up brilliantly innovative organisations based on simple ideas.

I am a journalist with a background in PR, new business and marketing, so it feels very natural to help people to tell stories about what they do.

Here are a couple of the organisations I have worked with:



CTWFAFWe Are What We Do is the not-for-profit organisation behind the best-selling book Change the World for a Fiver.  The idea is that small, everyday actions done by lots of people can make a big difference.







Freddie Mercury

While I was working with We Are What We Do, some of the highlights include being featured on the Today programme, Donny Osmond asking people to do some of the actions in Covent Garden, and Freddie Mercury’s statue proudly carrying a giant canvas shopping bag outside the Dominion Theatre to encourage the action ‘Decline plastic bags whenever possible’.  Brian May proudly promoted the stunt on Queen’s website.

I also persuaded people to stock Change the World for a Fiver in many different locations, from Paul Smith and Urban Outfitters to Kew Gardens and the hotel One Aldwych.






SRA logo

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is a national not-for-profit membership association, providing restaurants with advice and support to help them to do good for business and the planet.

I love food – growing, cooking and sharing it – so when I got involved with the SRA in the run up to the launch, I was naturally delighted.  I helped to create regional hubs around the country which involved interesting and challenging discussions with chefs and restaurateurs.  It goes without saying that a perk of the job was to to enjoy delicious food.









If you would like to find out more about how I can help you to promote your business, then please get in touch.