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Writing – Music


The Grove Resident – Cerys Matthews




Keeping up with Cerys – Cerys Matthews talks to Sandra Deeble about the joy of singing, family life and why she loves living and working in Ladbroke Grove…..”


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The Guardian – Jazzie of the Yard


Jazzie B


… Jazzie B tells Sandra Deeble about his favourite places to get creative –
“I remember my careers teacher saying: ‘What do you mean “sound system”, Beresford? There’s a perfectly good job going at BT’ but I weren’t having none of it so I applied for loads of jobs and I ended up working for Tommy Steele and got into the music business…..”


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The Guardian – My work space


Mark Elder


… Mark Elder CBE has been music director of the Halle since 2000 – “Acoustics are like oral weather. The experience of the acoustic and the look of a building can be very different. Before, acoustics were guesswork. You can go somewhere different and think ‘Oh! I can hear the violins here better than in Manchester!’ You make one sound and think ‘Oooo!’ The sound can bounce off the walls….”


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