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About Sandra Deeble

I am a writer and journalist and my purpose is to tell stories to inspire other people. I started writing when I was eight years old but I didn’t get published until much later. You can read about how I became a writer in ‘How I started writing’.


Before earning my living as a writer, I taught English in Spain. I worked for the language school International House in Huelva and in Madrid. My teaching experience now helps me to create and run workshops.


I spent many years working in the design industry, doing marketing and PR and finding new business for graphic, industrial and retail designers. I worked for several design and branding consultancies in London, including FM Design, Fitch and Landor. I still work with designers to help them with naming and tone of voice.


I do copywriting for brands and businesses and I also generate new product ideas for design companies.


I have worked with social enterprises including We Are What We Do, the organisation behind the book Change the World for a Fiver, and also the Sustainable Restaurant Association. If you are a social enterprise or a start-up, you can read more about how I can help you under ‘Promoting your business’.


As a journalist, I enjoy writing about all the things I love: food, travel, design, gardens, finding your passion in work and life, new businesses and relationships. I have also written a series of books for Ryland Peters & Small.


If you need help with words, ideas or making connections with the right people to develop or promote your project, website or business, then please do get in touch.


To find out how I started writing please click here